23 Nov

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Imagine finding yourself in a jungle or in the ocean or seeing dinosaurs.   This is not a traditional story – instead it asks you to imagine yourself in different habitats where different animals live.  Turn the page and you will see all the animals that live there – see how many you can find (and if you’re not sure you can check your answers in the back).    But more importantly use this book to launch your imagination and pretend that you’re in one of these environments.


 The Little Big Book Club has some wonderful suggestions on how to use this book.  Ignore that they say these are for 2-3 year olds.  Many of these suggestions will work for children much older – their play will just be more sophisticated.…/imagine_learning_time.pdf

If you enjoy this book Alison Lester has written many other books:

  • Run like a rabbit
  • Growl like a tiger
  • Noni the pony
  • Sophie Scott goes south
  • Are we there yet?
  • Magic beach
  • Clive eats alligators

 If you want to be inspired in how you can use this book look at this YouTube video from Mt Ommaney Special School:

 2. NON-FICTION BOOK –  Any non-fiction book on animal habitats

 3. AUDIO TAPE –  

Currently I can’t find any readings other than the one on YouTube by Mt Ommaney Special School:



Normally story sacks include toys and props that children can recreate the story.

In the case of ‘Imagine’ where there is no traditional narrative, children can use animals and props to recreate environments and create their own stories.   Any soft or plastic toys can be used or children can make their own.

The following are suggestions for each environment – however any of these crafts can be adapted to create any of the other environments.


     Imagine Jungle Animals    Imagine Jungle Diorama                 






In the world of craft there seems to be little distinction between jungle and safari so use the internet resources above for jungle and find the animals listed on Alison Lester’s Safari page.

 Australian animals




There are a couple of main websites that have a variety of games and activities including those based on literacy and numeracy for each habitat or under individual animals.


Jungle – monkey fruit salad (no instructions but you get the idea)monkey fruit salad

Ocean – Sausage octopus Imagine Octopus sausage

 Polar – Penguin cupcakes  penguin cupcakes may 2008 003

 Farm – Again no instructions but the pictures tell the story – eggs and carrots chicken eggs

Dinosaurs –  for lots of dinosaur food ideas look at this wonderful collection across the net

Safari – Jungle sandwich Elephant sandwich

Australian  –  Wombat brownie wombat-brownie

Pets – A cat lunchbox cat lunch

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