30 May

VBS_book cover

This story sack was created for my nephew Bobby who loves spiders and insects.

Reading book: The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

(Available Paperback, Hardcover, Board book, Lift the flap, Colouring Book)

If you enjoy this book Eric Carle has written many other books:

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • The Grouchy Ladybug
  • The Very Quiet Cricket
  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?

Non-fiction book: 

Any non-fiction book about spiders or insects.  You could also use a book about farm animals.


There appears to be a version on (an Amazon company) which is three minutes long.  However you can find free versions of people reading the book on YouTube:

or you could record yourself reading the story.

Main characters and props

There are a number of craft ideas that you could make:

  •  Paper craft:  Make a spider



  • Popsicle Stick Puppets/ Felt characters                                                                                      TheVBspiderPopsicleStickPuppetsColour, cut out and laminate if wish.  Stick popsicle sticks behind to make puppets to retell the story.  Use Velcro instead if you wish to make felt characters


Print two copies, cut and laminate and children can use in game of centration

Activities, Craft & Cooking





There’s a Spider on the Web

There’s a spider on the /a/, on the /a/.
There’s a spider on the /a/, on the /a/.
Watch the spider go.
It’s moving to and fro.
There’s a spider on the /a/, on the /a/.

              Web mats:



  • Sprayed Spider Webs                                                                   You can collect spider webs! Every web is a different design, a true work of art. These unique creations are a testimony to intelligent design– God, the creator of all things, has formed amazing creatures (including spiders!)
  1. Tape a white piece of paper on some cardboard to make it stiff.
  2. Locate a spider’s web (somewhere outside). Gently shoo away the spider (or find a vacant web)
  3. Take a can of spray paint (any colour but white) and spray through the spider web. Don’t spray too hard or it will tear up the web. You want to coat the web, but leave it intact
  4. While the web is still wet with paint, hold the cardboard/paper behind the web and pull it toward you slowly, so the web is made flat on the cardboard
  5. Set it aside to dry (until completely dry!)
  6. The painted spider’s web will stick to the paper, and when it dries, you’ll have a painted print of the web
    –idea adapted from Erskine Family at Homeway Press
  •  Diversity themes: The spider web in The Very Busy Spider is raised and can be felt.  This raises awareness of visual impairment.                                                                                                               Finding out about Braille



Popsicle spider




Spider sandwich



  • Spider cupcakes - there are lots of different spider cupcake designs around on the net.  These below are the cupcakes I made for Bobby’s birthday which was around Easter so provided an excellent way of using up mini Easter eggs.

DSC01841 compressed

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